How to Write a Film Analysis Essay

Film analysis is a process a film is being analyzed based on its technicalities, features, and overall concept. If you are asked to write a film analysis essay, then you will get the chance to dissect the film bit by bit to get a detailed analysis. To write a good film essay, then you should know how to analyse a film. This will allow you to effectively make statements regarding the film and make your essay reliable and credible. In case you are not familiar with writing this type of essay, you can get a few tips that you can use so you will not have difficulties composing the piece.

Tips to Write a Film Analysis Essay

1. Acquire all the specifics of the film

In your introduction, cite the imperative details of the film you have selected. This is where you should write the film title, the film director, date of release, the production company, and others. This is the part that you present the film that you have chosen to the readers. You should also cite the overall concept, theme, and film idea in this essay part. Your introduction should have your thesis statement, which will be the principal point of your essay.

2. Lay down in writing the summary of the film

This is the part where you have to get the responses to the five Ws, which is the why, where, when, what, and who. You should also include the answers to the ‘how’ of the film. To recap the film very well, assume that the readers have not yet seen the film. This way, you can put into detail every important plot and scene of the film. You can also deliberate quotes or lines that will be related to your point of view.

3. Dissect the technicalities accordingly

This is the part where you get to scrutinize and give your unbiased opinions on the film aspects like directing, cinematography, editing, acting, musical score, and others. You can discuss your observations and opinions on these aspects of the film. Your observations should be related to your principal argument and point of view.

4. Conclusion

This will close your argument and give your recommendation whether or not the film is watch-worthy. Restate your thesis and argument. You should also put a rest on your opinion and make sure you close the essay strongly by putting quotes from the film to make your point recallable.
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