Higher education has many benefits

Higher education has many benefits. It is possible to be successful without a college education, but it is not as likely as if a person that has received higher education. In the current job market, many jobs require a college degree. The more school a person receives, then the more money he/she will make later in life. Money runs the world, and without money the world doesn't run. No one wants to be struggling later in life and having a hard time paying bills, so attending college helps people obtain a solid job and no life struggle. Attending college will also help get set up for life and time management. College is not only about going only to make more money, it is about also learning more material and succeeding in life. My mom has always told me that knowledge is power, and that's a good quote to go by in life. I was not forced to attend college. I choose to attend college to become more educated and to prepare me more in life. Attaining a higher education will help you later in life and it is worth it. Higher Education is worth it because of the vast opportunities available salary, and the gained knowledge.

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Power of pick-up basketball

I believe in the power of pick-up basketball. Not the aspect of the game, necessarily, but in its ability to build relationships among different people, despite their race, gender, or age. This realization came to me two summers ago, as I was getting ready for my 8th grade year. During this momentous time, thoughts of finishing my middle school career strong were always riddled with endless lectures on the importance of high school. You know the feeling of senseless agony whenever your parents open their mouths to enlighten us on a topic they’ve covered for ages? Well, I have experienced this time and time again and basketball has been my one refuge.
The great thing about this sport is that it doesn’t require any special equipment to play the game. All one needs is a ball and themselves. As a lover of the game, I often played in my backyard or in the parking lot usually by myself or with my younger brother. As you can see just from this short anecdote, I didn’t socialize much outside of school.

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The plane waiting to disembark

As I sat on the plane waiting to disembark, I had this feeling in my gut that something was wrong. The possibility that I might be getting sick crossed my mind, but it wasn’t that feeling. It’s the feeling when something isn’t quite right and you can sense it. Like you forgot something or someone injured themselves.

I disembark the plane with my mother and head towards baggage claim to pick up my checked luggage. I was visiting Indianapolis, Indiana for a cello competition and to meet with my eldest brother, who I hadn’t seen in almost a year.

As a cellist, we cannot put our instrument in the overhead compartment like nearly all luggage, so we have two options. The first option is to buy the cello it’s own seat and it will sit next to me on the plane. The second option is to check the cello under the plane. 

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